How To Draw Chibi Manga Girl

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Let me begin by defining the differences between manga and anime. Here is my chibi anime tutorial and my chibi manga tutorials side by side. You will notice that the anime tutorial is much less detail-oriented? This is due to the fact that when you do animation, the detail is lost due to the time management. If they created each scene as detailed as the detailed scenes in manga, it’d require a lot of time and money to complete the animation. It’s not a problem! The detail fans are still able to read manga!

Step 2
When creating manga there’s many kinds of chibis you must know about. The first one is the more detailed Chibi. You can see the distinct curls and the ends that are of her hair pulled back, and ripples on her clothing. The chibi can be utilized to illustrate important plot points in your manga. (High emotional score Close-ups, plot climax and transformations, character growth)

Step 3
The next will be the tinier model. The chibi shows a small amount of detail but includes the numbers and instructions for her clothes. Chibis aren’t difficult to draw and could be the most used chibi in your manga. Chibis tell stories and will result in the most detailed chibi scenes.

Step 4
We also have the stick figure Chibi. The stick figure chibi requires very little time or effort to draw and serves as the “bridge” that connects your manga’s story. This chibi will provide some details of the story you’re telling that’s significant enough to include, but they don’t generally make sense. For instance, suppose our heroine fell off an unintentional bus, then the bad guy appeared.. It would be appropriate to make use of the stick-figure chibi show the scene that she lost her bus , and it is then a dramatic twist by using a detailed chibi in order to locate the dangers that lie ahead of her. Once you’ve mastered some of the various manga chibis, let’s create creating a scene!

Step 5
Let’s begin with the fundamental circle! This is the first step in building our heads. Don’t be concerned if you don’t have it completely perfect. It’s not!

Step 6
The result is a an angular chin and a more pronounced upper half of the body. This is not the only reason for an increased waistline, so don’t be concerned about your legs. Manga aren’t known for having complete bodies in all of their models because they aren’t fitting well!

Step 7
When you’re detailing, start small then work your way up. Begin with bangs that are in a simple form with no excess lines. Make sure your bangs extend beyond your cheeks!

Step 8
The next step is to create her ponytail. Create a sharp half-oval at the point of pull for the top portion of her hair. And over it, make an oval using a sharp half oval. Draw the hair that is sticking out of to the side to her hair.

Step 9
You need a face that is in line with that hair! Draw half-closed eyes, a smile and eyebrows, as well as eyeliner. Your eyes should be lined with a thinner or lighter line that the remainder of your face.

Step 10
Now , it’s time to begin drawing the remainder parts of her body. Don’t be concerned about how she paints her hands at the beginning, because the majority part of her body will eventually be covered by her sleeves. Instead, draw the sleeves. Draw shoulders on the remaining portion of her arm, the waistline, and flares out to find her skirt.

Step 11
Then, draw the fingers you didn’t draw in the earlier step. Make her shirt with corset top, flaps arms, waves and armbands on her skirt. When you’re wearing the dress, shoot in small batches rather than trying to complete the entire task in one go. This will help break the dress down and make it simpler to control.

Step 12
Draw the missing sleeve, and then the skirt sleeve which has been pulled backwards. Remember, the majority of sleeves should be concealed in the sleeves!

Step 13
After the fundamentals are drawn now, you can get into the technical aspects. You can add some extra drag to her hair and ponytail. Add more lines on her hair to add more depth. Also, note that every curl contains at minimum, one or two lines. Be careful not to draw lines that are completely between the curls as it may look weird. Draw them off center or close to the sides to appear like a natural, and not artificial.

Step 14
The next step is to sketch the design to her gown! You can see on the corset that all my lines are aligned towards the northern end the corset. This allows for ventilation in the garment and is essential for anyone who plans to draw any design onto the corset. You don’t need to draw the triangles I sketched, but be sure to drag it until you reach that point, regardless of what! Draw the details of the sleeve and the triangles on skirt.

Step 15
Then, draw lines on her neck and bodice to show her movement and pull. Draw the collarbones showing through and draw some ripples of pulling for the corset as well as two lines that show Skirts’ pull on the pull points of corsets as well.

Step 16
Congratulations, you’re done! This manga was colored in white and black since the majority of manga aren’t colors.. But you can color it however you like best! Enjoy!

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