How to Draw Chibi Lumpy, Heffalump

How to Draw Chibi Lumpy, Heffalump

Step one:

Begin by drawing two figures which will form Lumpy’s body. These are the shapes intended for the head and the body. Draw the facial contours in pencil before proceeding to step two.

Step two:

On the other side, you can draw Lumpy’s ears. Take note of the way the ear’s grooves. Then, you will draw the the trunk or cheek.

Step three:

Utilizing the head guide, determine the shape of the head. You can then make the trunk. Note how the trunk curves into the middle. Draw the second elephant’s the ear.

Step four:

Here’s the peak of the lesson since this is the most important part. Draw Lumpy’s face. Draw the stitched seam along the trunk and forehead in the same way, and then draw and draw the tiny eyes of the beady. Once you’ve finished, Give Lumpy eyebrows, creases on the top of his nose, then add some details on the ears. Prior to leaving this step, all you need to do is draw the yarn-like strands of the hair.

Step five:

Draw the back line of Lumpy’s before adding the back foot and thigh. Additionally, draw the beginnings of on the leg in front.

Step six:

Draw the front legs first and give Lumpy an adorable tail. Elephants aren’t known for having puffy tails but this is an Heffalump.

Step seven:

Then, add the chibi Lumpy’s toes, then put in to the line of foot padding, and lastly, a stitch on the butt. Clean up your mistakes and you’re done.

Step eight:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. Now , you can color Lumpy your way, however you’d like but be sure to make use of his trademark shades.

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