On our website, you can find several lessons in the chibi style and a lot of our readers requested us to teach them the art of drawing love chibi. So we came up with the perfect lesson for our readers.

Step 1
The first step is to draw two circles. One is slightly higher and larger and the other is a bit smaller and lower. On the heads, draw out the lines that intersect as in the illustration below.

Step 2
Then we draw out our torso as well as legs using very basic geometric drawings. Be aware that the image on the right should be slightly bigger than the figure on the left. Make use of very light lines to erase these lines.

Step 3
We will now sketch out some basic details of the body that we will draw our character. First, draw hair, followed by lips and eyes. After that step, we draw the outfits of the boy and girl.

Step 4
We can now add details to our sketch. The first step is to carefully sketch out the outline of the eyebrows, eyes, and mouths. These lines must be black and clear.

Step 5
Continue drawing the specifics of the heads of the chibi girl and boy. With the same dark and clear lines, draw the hair’s outline as illustrated in the example below as well as remove any unnecessary lines.

Step 6
Let’s draw the girl. Draw the girl in a dress with plump arms and legs using the help of dark lines.

Step 7
Then we draw the boy. Draw a shirt, shorts as well as legs and arms that are plump. Like in the previous lesson using black and white lines.

This was a learning experience on drawing an animated love. We chose to draw two girls and a boy who is truly in love with one another. Remember that on our website there is an abundance of chibi characters that are different you can browse through”Anime” in the section “Anime” and learn how to draw them.

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