How to Draw Chibi Leatherface

How to Draw Chibi Leatherface

Step 1:

Start with the basic shapes and guides shown here. These are the circles that represent the head, body, feet, and hands. The guidelines for the face can be found in the next section.

Step 2:

Next, draw the outline of the face and ear. Once you are done, draw the arm and small hand. Next, add the sleeves. You can also add details to the sleeves.

Step 3:

Draw the outline of Leatherface’s head and draw the thick, wild hair. You can also color the hair.

Step 4:

The facial guidelines can be used to create large openings for the eyes or mouth. Next, color in the nostril holes.

Step 5:

Draw the eyeballs inside those holes and his crazed expression. The mouth will need to be drawn, and then the teeth.

Step 6:

Next, draw the torso in the shape of the butcher’s apron.

Step 7:

Now draw your legs or pants. Add the details to the pants.

Step 8:

This is where you will draw the boots. The sole of the boot should be drawn.

Step 9:

Draw the chainsaw, which is a chibi-version.

Step 10:

You can now draw the actual chain, which is the blade for the chainsaw. To match the character that holds the machine, the chain should be thick and chunky.

Step 11:

The last step is to draw the noise and debris around the blade of the chainsaw. You can also erase the guides and mistakes.

Step 12:

After everything has been cleaned up, you will have an end drawing similar to the one shown here. Color the drawing.

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