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The team at created a brand new drawing tutorial on drawing Chibi Kylo Ren easily in step-by-step. To draw Chibi Kylo Ren, you do not require a lot of effort. This character is extremely easy to draw using the chibi style. In fact, it is a confusing character to many. Some say that he’s not appealing enough for him to become the primary antagonist of Star Wars. However, we believe it’s true that Kylo Ren can be an attractive and memorable character. We created this drawing exercise to sketch Kylo Ren Chibi’s style.

Step 1
In the beginning, we sketch Kylo Ren’s face. In this step, we draw a horizontal line within the contour of the face. The next step is we’ll erase the line, however, now it’s crucial.

Step 2
With the aid of very thin lines, we can draw the massively small corpus as well as the disproportionately tiny legs and arms of Kylo Ren. Kylo Ren.

Step 3
In this stage, we’ll sketch out the outline of the most basic elements. The head is where we draw an outline of the hood. Next, we sketch the outline of a lightsaber as well as a mantle in our hands. If the drawing you have drawn depicts Shibi Kylo Ren appearing identical to ours, proceed to step 4.

Step 4
Clear lines depict the mask of Chibi Kylo Ren. It’s the toughest step in this guide to drawing. It is important to focus on the vertical line of the face starting from the very first step. Draw the outside parts in the first step. Draw lines inside the mask.

Step 5
We’ll now go up to the top of the chibi Kylo Ren’s body, and trace the outline of the body. Draw creases in the fabric that resemble horizontal lines. Don’t forget to take out any unnecessary guidelines from the top body of your Chibi Ben Solo drawing.

Step 6
We’ve reached the final step of this drawing tutorial on drawing Chibi Kyloren from Star Wars. We will now draw the lower portion of the trunk as well as the famous lightsaber, with the hilt that crosses. To give the chibi Kylo Ren’s drawing a polished look, you need to erase any unnecessary lines.

This was not a particularly difficult drawing lesson and we wish you an excellent result. Be sure to visit and follow the site via Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to ensure that you won’t be left out of any article on drawing Chibi. Be aware that we’ve got a ton of drawing instructions to follow on drawing Chibi Star Wars, so we will be waiting for you to join us on our social media. We wish you all the best and hope to look forward to seeing you in the forums of!


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