We hope you enjoy these lessons and we love drawing these characters. Today we will continue this topic with a lesson on drawing Kirito chibi.

Step 1
In keeping with tradition, let’s begin at the top of the character’s head and outline it in the shape of a circle. This is exactly the head we draw. we draw two lines like the ones we used in our example.

Step 2
Let’s sketch the torso as well as the limbs with very thin lines and basic geometric forms. Keep in mind that the body must be approximately the same height as the head.

Step 3
Then we’ll draw out the most essential specifics. On the head, we sketch out hair and facial features. Next, sketch the outline of a sword and coat in the hands and behind.

Step 4
From this point, We will typically draw the specifics. With clear lines, draw the pupil and shade it with a glare. the eyes.

Step 5
Then, using dark and clear lines, sketch out the lines of the face and hair. Don’t forget to take off any unneeded guidelines from your head.

Step 6
This task will be very complicated since we’ll need to sketch out all the lines and the details of an intricate coat.

Step 7
The final step can be quite difficult. We will have to draw swords, hands, and legs. At the same time, it is necessary to remove all of the guidelines remaining from the sketch in chibi.

This drawing lesson was definitely not the hardest on our website, but it is at the same time, it is one of the most fascinating. In the category that goes by the title “Anime”, there are a number of related articles. So head over there and study how to draw each one.

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