In the previous tutorials, the 3dvkarts team from showed how to draw Joker in a comical style In this lesson, we’ll teach you ways to draw a chibi, Joker.

Step 1
The characters in chibi have a lot in common with each other. Their first steps are similar. Draw a rounded head, on which we draw two lines to depict the features of the face.

Step 2
Then draw the torso as well as legs using simple and easy lines. Don’t forget that the body must be small relative to the head since the model is designed in a chibi-style style.

Step 3
We can now make some basic changes to our Joker. Here, we sketch out the outline of the coat on his body as well as the pistol that is in his hands.

Step 4
Let’s get started on the finer details of our Chibi Joker sketch. The first step is to draw Joker’s evil eye. Joker with small, round pupils inside.

Step 5
Move your head down and open a wide smile with teeth clenched.

Step 6
Draw the outline of your head. an ear with a small size and a hair comb-back like in our illustration.

Step 7
Move towards his body by making an extended coat with a tie, and legs.

Step 8
The final step is to complete – we must draw the outline of the hands as well as the pistol, and then erase any remaining lines.

We are aware that our visitors enjoy sketching comics in a stylized chibi style. Hence, we are planning to develop several lessons that mirror the one that teaches how to draw the chibi Joker. If you don’t want to be averse to new lessons on our website, make sure to join our social networks and check our website regularly.

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