Today, we will discuss drawing Chibi. We will demonstrate the steps you can draw Chibi John Cena using this 7-step drawing tutorial.

Step 1
Let’s discuss a bit about the basics of drawing Chibi. The first thing to understand is the fact that proportions for Chibi characters differ significantly from the proportions of regular cartoon characters or comics.

In this case, we sketch John Cena’s head in a round shape as shown in our sketch. Then, draw two cross lines across the face. These lines can help us draw the eyes.

Step 2
Another rule is that Chibi individuals have a tiny bodies, and extremely small legs and arms. Thus, we’re sketching the torso, arms, and legs that have the right chibi ratio. Remember that the body of the chibi is approximately equal in height to the size of the head.

Step 3
Then we will continue the course in which we show the students how you can sketch Chibi John Cena. By using light lines, draw the eyes and the cap on the face. Then sketch the outline that the briefs.

Step 4
In this section, we’ll draw the big eyes of the dazzling wrestler. To make your John Cena’s face appear more natural, draw his eyes with hatching leaving a little icy glare to the eyes. You can also draw the mouth (this is basically the slope) and then erase the additional guides lines off the face.

Step 5
We will draw the cap as well as the popular John Cena’s signature logo that is on the top of the cap. If you are a fan of wrestling (and you likely do because you’re reading this article on how to draw a chibi John Cena) You’re aware that the meaning of this logo is “you don’t see me”

Step 6
This is the perfect time to draw your T-shirt and your hands. It is a simple task since we don’t have to draw palms or fingers. Draw the outline of the drawing earlier, and then remove the lines across the top of the John Sina drawing.

Step 7
Draw the entire details of the shorts, and take out all the unnecessary guidelines from your adorable character John Cena drawing. You can keep your chibi wrestling design like this, or you can paint it and add shadows using hatching.

In the concluding part of the article, you will find the standard advice and tips of the artists at and this time they are related to the adorable chibi style sketching.

Chibi can be drawn in a variety of styles and genres regardless of this, they share the most distinctive characteristics:

The head of Chibi is larger than the body. it’s 1/3 to half of its height.
Chibi-style characters are simplified.
To show a youthful age and elegance, the chibi’s people are drawn with plump bodies.
You now are aware of how to sketchchibi John Cena. By applying the skills learned from this brief sketching lesson you can draw the chibi wrestler of other time periods and also other organizations.

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