How to Draw Chibi Jigsaw

How to Draw Chibi Jigsaw

Step 1:

Begin by drawing a circle around the head, then draw the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Now, define the face shape and draw the cheek shapes.

Step 3:

You will be using the facial guidelines to draw your eyes. They should be large and dramatic. Add the swirls to the cheeks and color in the pupils. Once you are satisfied with the coloring, draw your nose and mouth puppet-style.

Step 4:

Next, we’ll draw the hairstyle that is loose and puffy at its ends. Once that is done, draw the arms as well as the hands. The hands are holding the tricycle bars. You can also add the frame to the front of the tricycle.

Step 5:

Next, draw the front tire.

Step 6:

Draw the rest of Jigsaw’s body. These are only the feet and legs. The pedals can be added to the tricycle, and the back wheels are then added.

Step 7:

You only need to draw the rims of the front wheel.

Step 8:

Last, draw the stepbar at the back of your tricycle. Then erase any mistakes or guides.

Step 9:

You are now ready to color your chibi Jigsaw drawing. This lesson was fun.

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