Chibi characters are very much in demand on our website. Our readers often ask us to draw famous characters from films in chibi style. We are going to show you the exterior image of one of the most well-known characters from horror movies. Let’s begin the lesson on How to Draw Jason Voorhees.
Step 1
Let’s begin with the head of our creepy creature. Draw it in the shape of a round figure. Make sure you draw two intersecting lines around the head.
Step 2
Now draw the outline of your torso, limbs, and arms. These should be smaller than the normal human torso.
Step 3
Draw the outline of your eyes using very dark lines. You can paint the pupils with a little glare.
Step 4
Let’s now get to Jason’s hockey mask. We will need to draw lines and holes on the hockey mask’s surface.
Step 5
This step is where we draw our head of Jason. As in the previous example, carefully draw the outline of the head and ear.
Step 6
We will now move down and begin to work with the arms and torso. Draw the neckline and outline of the collar.

Remember that chibi characters should not be drawn with too many details. Remember that your feet and hands should not be complicated. This isn’t the easiest drawing lesson we have on our site. Or, you can use the search box to find the lesson you are looking for. Don’t forget to sign up for us on social media and to share this drawing lesson with your friends.

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