Our team loves comics. Our artists started their process of drawing by drawing comic books as well as cartoon characters. We also enjoy anime and chibi a lot and also draw anime quite often. In this drawing class, we decided to blend the themes of comics and anime. We then created the lesson on drawing Chibi Iron Man.

Step 1
As with all lessons on Chibi, this lesson begins by drawing the head that is rounded. Once we have drawn the outline of our head we will draw the two lines that accentuate the symmetry of the face.

Step 2
We now need to draw the outline of the body, arms, and legs. This is a breeze as we are using simple lines and light geometric designs.

Step 3
Let’s focus on the small details. The first step is to draw the eyes out and create a pattern on the lower part of the face (similar to the jaw).

Step 4
Draw the outline of the head using clean as well as dark lines. Draw the pattern as shown in the example above and then move to the next step.

Step 5
The next step is to look at the body. In this case, we’ll need to sketch out the outline of the torso as well as the designs on the body.

Step 6
The arms now appear. Here we sketch the outline of the arms and the details of the armor made of metal.

Step 7
The same thing you have to do with your legs is to sketch out the outline of the legs as well as the designs on the legs. Be careful not to get caught in the particulars.

It was a very easy tutorial where we taught how to draw ways to draw the chibi Iron Man. If you enjoyed this tutorial but think it’s too easy for you, take a look at the tutorial on drawing Iron Man in comic style. You probably have guessed, that our website has a variety of drawing classes on the various characters in comic books and anime.


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