A very well-loved section of our site is a category that goes by the in which, we provide lessons on comic book characters. However, these lessons can be complex, and a lot of our users want us to write lessons on comic characters, however, in a simplified version. We decided, therefore, to create lessons for superheroes and supervillains illustrated in the chibi fashion. Therefore, the focus of this lesson is drawing Chibi Flash.

Step 1
Let’s begin with the head and draw it in the shape of this round shape. Then, draw two lines that intersect over the head.

Step 2
Draw the outline of the body of the Chibi Flash that is smaller than the normal torso of a human.

Step 3
Utilizing the horizontal line drawn in the earlier step, we create pupils and eyes using their glare.

Step 4
Draw out the outline of your head. Draw the openings of the mouth, mask, and lightning using straight lines.

Step 5
Move towards the torso, drawing all the outlines using the aid of straight lines. Take out any unnecessary guidelines and draw lightning over the suit.

You can clearly see this lesson was easy, as we sketched Flash in the style of chibi. Within the section “Anime” on our site, you can find a variety of like drawing classes. Go to this section and begin drawing with us. In order to not miss a single lesson taught by us, join our social media networks and check out 3dvkarts frequently as you can.

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