This drawing guide will teach you how to draw chibi eyes. Chibi art is an unusual and popular style. Chibi artists often draw from anime. Drawing expressive eyes with lots of detail and highlights is one example. This guide explains the basics of drawing chibi eyes.


Step 1

The exact location of your eyes should be determined on the piece. Select an area that corresponds to the position of your head if you are drawing a chibi character. Select the middle of the paper if you want to draw chibi eyes. Draw two intersecting lines at this location. You should noticeably offset the horizontal line downward from the conditional center.


Step 2

Closely examine your sketch. Draw two rounded shapes if you are sure that the lines have been placed correctly and that the location is correct. As a guide, use the lines that you have drawn earlier. The medial sides are straight lines. The diagonally running lateral lines lower down are the medial sides of the eyes.

Step 3

Chibi artists who are passionate about painting chibi have a particular style. This style is characterized by expressive eyes and large eyebrows. This step requires you to draw large eyebrow outlines. These contours have edges that point to different sides, as you can see.

Step 4

The most important thing about chibi art is drawing the pupils. The shape and position of the pupils will always reflect the direction and shape of the gaze. You can communicate the character and mood of your character with the help of pupils. It is possible to draw shapes that aren’t perfectly straight. However, you should pay attention to the size and location of these shapes.

Step 5

Remove any unnecessary guidelines from the chibi eyes. Highlights that lie within the pupils’ contours should be added. Do not forget to erase all highlights. Do not add extra highlights as it could cause distortions to the entire picture.

Step 6

Draw shadows. It appears like a single-layer, amplitude hatch. To add contrast to the whole drawing, you can add another layer of hatching in the areas with the darkest colors. This is evident in the pupil area of our drawing. It is crucial not to overdraw the highlighted area.

Step 7

We have now completed our guide on drawing chibi eyes. Now you can check the accuracy of all shapes. To make your drawing more polished, you can erase all previous guide construction lines. This is a fantastic job.

We hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you are consistent in practicing chibi drawing, you can be a master at it. You can draw chibi characters using our category. You can also use this tutorial to draw the characters you have created. If you’re satisfied with the drawing tutorial, please leave a comment. We welcome your comments and questions.


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