The most popular areas of our website are groups “Anime” and “Chibi” which are where we provide simple lessons that anyone could master. We’ve created numerous tutorials on different characters illustrated in the style of chibi, and this time we’re going to explore chibi as a subject. We’ll begin with a guide on drawing the chibi, Elsa.

Step 1
To draw Chibi Elsa First sketch out the head’s round shape and mark two lines, the assistance of which, later we’ll draw the specifics of the face.

Step 2
We are now drawing the neck and the contours of the torso as well as the limbs. Remember the body shape of Chibi has approximately the same height that the head. And in the Chibi Elsa, you can observe this principle.

Step 3
The first step is to sketch out the eyes and smile. Then, sketch the outline of hair that is lush. To ensure that Chibi Elsa’s sketch is accurate, draw thin lines to complete the initial steps.

Step 4
An extremely simple but simultaneously challenging step, we must draw the contours of a dress. The dress that is drawn of the chibi Elsa is supposed to be luxurious and stunning.

Step 5
Now, let’s begin sketching the specifics. With the aid of black and clear lines, carefully draw the lines for the haircut.

Step 6
Then draw the outline for the facial features, ears, and eyes that are large as in our illustration. The eyes of the chibi Elsa must be big and expressive, observing the guidelines for drawing Chibi.

Step 7
Draw the outline of the arms, torso, and long dress. At the same time remove all guidelines that are not needed from the Chibi Elsa drawing. You are able to leave your cute Chibi drawing in this manner or color it.

If you followed the advice we gave, you are aware of how to draw a chibi, Elsa. Note the difficulties you faced when drawing. If you think this lesson is too easy for you, head over to”People” or the “People” section, where you’ll find plenty of difficult drawing classes.

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