How To Draw Chibi Eeyore

How To Draw Chibi Eeyore

Step one:

Let’s start with head and body diagram as follows. Because Eeyore is actually a donkey, or an animal walking on four legs I’ll need sketch his figure horizontally rather than vertically.

Step two:

Draw the outline of chibi Eeyore’s facial features as follows you can draw the ears of a donkey that look like floppy.

Step three:

Begin by drawing Eeyore’s chibi mane which is wavy, short and quite thick. It falls across the back, just like.

Step four:

Make use of your facial lines to sketch the large eye shapes. After that, you’ll be required to draw and draw in the eyebrows.

Step five:

Draw a vertical line along your face as well as snout as that, and then draw lines across the face to create the separation between the snout and face.

Step six:

Draw the majority of the body of Eeyore’s chibi the way.

Step seven:

Draw the second leg and then stitch or draw seam lines to all his legs as well as his belly.

Step eight:

Then we’ll put the tail on the donkey. It’s the only thing Eeyore is sporting as the tail. A tail that has been pinned down because the maker of the toy didn’t sew Eeyore’s tail. Attach a bow to the top of his tail, and then draw a hair tuft at the end.

Step nine:

The line art appears as a drawing like the one that you see here. The only thing you need to color your artwork.

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