The team at is a fan of Marvel comics and the films based on them. The most likely favorite film from this world is Dr. Strange. We have already taught you about drawing Dr. Strange, however, this one will be more attractive and more cartoon-like, as we’ll show the viewers the art of drawing the chibi, Dr. Strange.


Step 1

The primary characteristic of chibi individuals is their unique ratio to the body parts. They have huge heads and small bodies. In the first step in the tutorial on drawing Chibi Dr. Strange, we will need to draw the outline of the head and torso.



Step 2

The eyes of chibi people are extremely large so we draw the lower part of the eyes extremely low. In the same step, we draw the center of the face with a single lineIn the next step, we’ll need to draw out the legs and arms of Dr. Strange.


Step 3

So so far, our Dr. Strange sketch appears to be an ordinary puppet. the next step is drawing the major parts of the body. Draw the hair, face, and the details of the suit, like the iconic cape, and fingers locked in the imitative motion of the Strange.


Step 4

The fourth and final step of the course on drawing Dr. Strange will be focused on the finer details. Based on the traditional custom, we begin with the head, drawing the charismatic face of the doctor as well as his hair. Remove unneeded lines from the face.


Step 5

In the fifth stage of the course on drawing Dr. Strange, We will draw the body. Draw the suit, long cape, and broad belt. Then finish the legs and arms. Clean the Dr. strange drawing by means of using an eraser.


Step 6

The shadows of comic books are created with the same style and are dark and contrast. However, in this lesson, we have decided to draw shadows in a different style by drawing shadows by using extremely gentle hatching. If the Dr. Strange drawing is like ours, then you’ve done everything right.


However, if your Dr. Strange drawing is quite different from the one we draw, and you believe that you could improve even more impressive, attempt to draw Dr. Strange from scratch or return to the point where you made the error and rectify all mistakes.

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