As we’ve said before in several of our previous tutorials, we enjoy comics and are trying to provide as much information on Comic book characters as we can. However, all lessons on our site are quite complex, that’s why we’ve decided to start developing drawing lessons on comic book characters drawn in a Chibi style. In the series of drawing classes, this time we’ll show how to draw ways to draw Chibi Deadshot.

Step 1
Take your pencil and sketch the outline of the head that is rounded to our Chibi Deadshot. In the initial step, draw two lines across the face’s surface.

Step 2
Let’s now look at Deadshot’s body Deadshot and outline it as an easy geometric shape. In the next step, we draw the legs and arms.

Step 3
Let’s begin to look at the specifics. As per tradition, we begin by drawing the eyes.

Step 4
With the aid of lines that are smooth, sketch out the outline of the head and the specifics that make up the mask. Don’t forget to remove any guidelines that are not needed, like in the illustration.

Step 5
This step won’t be easy. In this step, we’ll need to draw the details of the arms and torso. When drawing these areas of our body pay particular attention to the finer details and try to draw the same pattern as we did in our illustration.

Step 6
Also quite a difficult step. Utilizing dark and clear lines, let’s draw the outline of the legs while making sure to draw them in a precise manner such as in the image below.

Like we said the lesson was easy. If you’ve been able to master the lesson without difficulty take a look at the other lessons in drawing in our “Anime” to keep learning to draw. Make sure you write us your feedback on this drawing lesson so that we can determine if the lesson was helpful and informative for our readers.


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