How to Draw Chibi Darth Vader

How to Draw Chibi Darth Vader

Step one:

Let’s begin, shall we? Start with a large head shape. Then sketch an outline of the body guide. This step will be completed by drawing the lines for the arms, face and legs.

Step two:

The shape of the Vader’s chibi-sized face. make sure you add tiny circles to form the vent pockets.

Step three:

You can now use your guidelines and draw the shape of the eyes and then draw the vertical lines to create the mask shape.

Step four:

The next step is to sketching out the form and design of the Vader’s helmet that resembles the German helmet worn by German soldiers. Be patient, don’t hurry.

Step five:

Draw in chibi Vader’s shoulders as well as body, as well as adding more vertical lines to enhance the detail of his costume.

Step six:

The arms can be drawn and the claw in the form of hands. You can add details and crinkles to the wrist.

Step seven:

Simply pull out the saber and you’re done.

Step eight:

Finally, draw the cape, and then draw the remainder of the body, which includes the remainder of the torso, and the legs. Remember to include the control box to the chest, and also add some an outline to the boots and pants. Make sure to erase any mistakes you may have made.

Step nine:

Now you’re completed drawing Chibi Darth Vader. All you need to do is to add some colour to create the Sith (or Dark Jedi to life. Be sure to leave a comment on, share, like or simply love this lesson.

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