How to Draw Chibi Chewbacca

How to Draw Chibi Chewbacca

Step one:

Let’s get started. Start by drawing a large circle to be Chewy’s head guide and then draw a teardrop-shaped form for Chewy’s body. After that, sketch in the guidelines for facial features.

Step two:

With the circular shape you’ve drawn then sketch the actual structure and shape for Chewy’s face. Look at the hair that is long and shaggy. are drawn in a dense and chunky way.

Step three:

Make use of your facial lines to create big eyes. Include darkening around the eyes to create the illusion of them being sunken slightly, and afterwards draw eyeballs as well as pupils. Draw the mouth and nose, and then the hairy chin. Sketch the detail of hairline to add an extra dimension to his face and head.

Step four:

Begin drawing the body by drawing the hands and arms. Then, you can begin the drawing process until the design for Chewbacca’s gun. The drawing is done in a simple manner.

Step five:

The final drawing step complete drawing Chibi Chewbacca and add the form of the remainder of his body. This includes feet and legs. Include details to create the hairy appearance of his body, and include toe lines. Remove the mistakes and guidelines too.

Step six:

Now you’re completed. Now , you can color the chibi Chewbacca in and create the Star Wars character to life.

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