At first, superheroes appeared in comics. They then gradually began to appear in films and cartoons And eventually, they even appeared in anime. We decided to not be left out and provide our readers with drawing lessons on superheroes from comics, not just in the comic book style, however, but also with the anime style and Chibi. We’ve already created Captain America in the style of classic comics. Now is the time to learn the art of drawing the chibi Captain America.

Step 1
The lessons in the portrayal of chibi begin withdrawing from their heads. For this particular lesson, you sketch out the head with a round shape and draw two lines that intersect on the head.

Step 2
With the aid of very thin lines, we sketch out the body that is disproportionately small and the extremely small feet and hands of Captain America.

Step 3
Let’s look at some of the fundamental aspects. On the head, sketch the outline of the openings on the eyes, mask, mouth, and small wings. On the body, we sketch the outline of the costume and a star in the middle of the chest, and an oval shield.

Step 4
Captain America is a fervent character. He is among the most honest and uncompromising superheroes. The way we draw Captain America in the manner of a chibi but it is imperative to depict the traits of his character from his eyes. Utilizing dark and clear lines, draw the eyes and sparkling pupils on the face of Captain America. Eyes should be fixedly closed. Draw the lower portion of the mouth and face.

Step 5
We will now draw the top of Captain America’s head. Captain America. Draw the outline of the head, as well as small and cute wings on top. When you’re done with the process, erase any unnecessary lines as well as draw an “A” in the center of the brow.

Step 6
This part is much less difficult than the other instruction on drawing Captain America. In this step, we will carefully sketch out the outline of the body, the lines of the costume, and the star that is in the middle of the chest. Don’t forget to eliminate unnecessary lines from this region.

Step 7
This step is somewhat more challenging than the previous one since there are more lines as well as different elements. Create a belt and cute legs. Then, draw the outline of the shield, as well as details on the shield with black and white lines. Then, at the end of the process, simply eliminate all lines that are unnecessary.

We’ve already drawn an enormous amount of well-known characters from comics of the past as well as anime, in the chibi style, and we will continue to draw. Be sure to sign up for us on social media, share our lessons with your friends, and check our website whenever you can to not be left out of the latest lessons on Chibi.


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