How to Draw Chibi C-3PO

How to Draw Chibi C-3PO

Step 1:

Are you guys ready? Begin with the large, oversized head guide and then create the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Now, you will use the facial guides for drawing the exact droid shape of C-3PO’s chibi head/face.

Step 3:

Next, draw the shapes for each eye. Then draw the pattern on the inside. These are the pupils and the depths of the sockets. You will need to first draw the hollow for a nostril and the lining for your mouth. You can also add some scratches along the jawline.

Step 4:

This is what I call 3PO’s headband. Draw the additional structure that forms the head of 3PO. You can also add the bolts to the sides.

Step 5:

Let’s draw our body next. I decided to create a floating style concept for Chibi C-3PO. It has the illusion that it is a neck. This creates a shadow which could be used to hold many ideas. The chunky fingers and the long arms can be drawn in. To give 3PO’s design a robotic appearance, add the lining to the arms. These scuff marks should not be forgotten.

Step 6:

Draw chibi C-3PO’s waits, hips, and legs. Finish the details on his droid-created body.

Step 7:

This is his final design. Chibi C-3PO is ready for coloring and can be shown off.

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