How To Draw Chibi Bb8

How To Draw Chibi Bb8

Step one:

Begin by rolling a ball, like the one you find here.

Step two:

Then, draw the top portion of the BB8 chibi body, that represents the head. Draw in a circular lens that functions as an eye, and then the camera lens to the right-hand side.

Step three:

You can now add the lines that cross on the outside of your dome, and then draw the antenna.

Step four:

In the final drawing stage, all you need to do is draw the patterns on the body the BB8. This is the entire creation of BB8 chibi in Star Wars. Remove any mistakes you’ve did any.

Step five:

You’re finished. Now , you can color BB8 to bring the character back to life. Don’t forget to leave a comment or share this lesson.

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