The most intriguing unique, interesting, and classic comic book character is Batman. We’ve already demonstrated the art of drawing Batman in a way, and the art of drawing Batman in armor made of metal that you can observe in the film Zack Snyder Batman v Superman. Today’s lesson is simple and straightforward. would like to demonstrate the drawing process of a chibi Batman.

Step 1
As with all lessons on cartoon characters, The lesson on Batman begins with the outline of a head that is round and lines that intersect on the head.

Step 2
Draw a cartoon-sized model of Batman. Keep in mind how the body parts of the chibi characters are small when compared to their heads.

Step 3
Sketch small pointed horns (ears) for the eyes, head openings for the mouth, and the mouth itself. Then sketch out the cape as well as the specifics on the costumes.

Step 4
Utilizing dark and clear lines, trace the contours of the head. eliminate any unnecessary guides.

Step 5
Go to the base of the body and draw your torso and arms, and legs. Make sure you draw all the particulars of the costume. Then take out any unnecessary guidelines from the Chibi Batman sketch.

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