We began a series of drawing classes on celebrities and characters drawn in a chibi style. Our readers frequently requested an instructional drawing lesson on drawing the chibi, Ariana Grande. The drawing instructions are in place, and it’s now time to draw drawing it.

Step 1
We begin drawing the chibi of Ariana Grande’s head, illustrating it as the shape of a circle. The head is where we sketch two lines that intersect.

Step 2
Then trace out the body that is slender around the waist. Then sketch out the legs and arms of the chibi Ariana Grande.

Step 3
With the aid of black and clear lines, draw out the outline that the eye has. Shade the pupils, leaving out the highlights. Try drawing Ariana Grande’s eyes exactly as in the real world.

Step 4
Here, we draw a tiny well-groomed nose with lips that are plump. Draw small eyebrows over the eyes that are expressive. The most challenging part is drawing the chibi on Ariana Grande’s back.

Step 5
The head is traced and the simple hairstyle, as in the examples provided by the artists at Eliminate all guidelines that are unnecessary from the hairstyle.

Step 6
Draw a broad skirt and legs. Eliminate all unnecessary guidelines. the chibi sketch from Ariana Grande is complete.

As we mentioned, we developed a variety of drawing lessons for people who were drawn using the stylized chibi style. Go to our category under the name drawing your preferences or tell us your drawing lesson that you would want to have on our website.

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