Step 1

Start by drawing your head as an anime character, the neck, and trunk. They must not be more than the head.



Step 2

To draw chibi anime character eyes and other facial features it is necessary to draw additional lines around the head. The next step is to outline the legs and arms and make sure they are slim and supple. Also, in the initial steps, all lines should be extremely thin so that we are able to easily alter them and erase lines that no longer are needed when drawing.


Step 3

It’s time to add more details to the sketch of our cartoon character. We’ll start with the head and make a careful sketch of the mouth and eyes being guided by the lines of the previous step. To properly depict the eyes of the chibi first, draw the lashes as a series of straight lines and then pupils in the shape of ovals. Then, we outline the ears and hair in a lush way using many simple lines and slight curves.


Step 4

Also, using rough lines, sketch out the particulars, like your collar, tie, and cuffs.


Step 5

Starting from the face, and then carefully circle it with dark lines. Then, draw hair and then remove any unwanted lines off the face. You can make use of markers or ink to outline your chibi anime design and create a dark and sharp image.


Step 6

We will repeat the same steps as the previous step but using the body. Utilizing dark lines and clean lines, sketch all the specifics of clothes. As we have said it’s an iconic suit. In order to give the chibi drawing a neat and polished appearance, get rid of any unwanted guidelines.


Step 7

This is the last step in which we’ll apply shadows to our drawings of Chibi anime. The first step is to paint the pupils using hatching and leave a bit of shine within. Then with the hatching, create shadows, as in the picture below. For the effect of making shadows appear more substantial then add a second layer of hatching to the illustration.



Did you have any idea it is true that the “chibi” word is borrowed from Japanese and is translated to “little man””? For those who are experienced in anime, it is an extremely specific image that is portrayed in cute cartoon proportions. Chibi can be seen in many animations, while the number of television shows and pictures will go on.


We hope that this article was interesting and informative and you’ve gained knowledge on the art of drawing chibi anime and presented your pals with your amazing cartoons. We mentioned, in the beginning, that all the chilies have been drawn in a similar way, and in this step-by-step guide, we explained in detail the process of drawing chibi. The knowledge gained in this article for drawing a Chibi version that is a representation of any type.



To develop your artistic skills in this fun anime-cartoon-inspired field of artwork, try drawing your favorite heroes and villains in various poses and from various perspectives.



The most difficult part is to try to draw you or your family members in this amazing cartoon style.


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