Dear students and visitors to 3DVKARTS. We are pleased to present a brand new drawing class from the series of articles on South Park. South Park. We’re going to teach you ways to draw Chef, one of those loved characters from the previous series of South Park. So take a look at the lesson on drawing Chef.

Step 1
The first step is to draw a circle. This will later become the head of Chief.

Step 2
Then sketch out the body of the Chief’s head as in our illustration.

Step 3
This time, using a few curving lines, draw legs and arms with the help of many straight lines.

Step 4
Draw two lines that cross at the center of the head.

Step 5
By tracing the lines that intersect on the face, draw out the eyes in the shape of ovals.

Step 6
Then go a bit below and draw the mouth and beard of the Chef.

Step 7
In the upper portion of the head, pull out the famous Chef’s Hat.

Step 8
Draw the outline of the apron chest and the sleeves and arms. Draw the legs into two sections and then trace the feet.

Step 9
Eliminate all lines that are unnecessary from the Chef’s drawing. On the chest, make the initials “Chef”.

In this article, we’ve shown readers the steps to draw Chef in South Park. It is important to note this towards the conclusion of our course. It is important to note that all South Park characters South Park are drawn approximately equal, meaning that when you’ve learned to draw Chef and Chef, you are able to draw other characters in the animated series.

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