One of the biggest and most varied categories we have on our website is that is titled “Myths and Legends”. This section features numerous characters, creatures, and monsters from stories, fairy tales, and fantasy tales. So today, the team from 3dvkarts will show you how to draw Charybdis the giant sea monster that comes from ancient Greek mythology.

Step 1
In the first stage, we sketch the basic outline of the Charybdis by drawing very thin lines.

Step 2
We are now sketching out the sharp and frightening teeth. On the body, sketch out the fins, like in our illustration.

Step 3
We will continue adding specifics. Draw the parts of the body’s shell and pointed spikes that are on the fins.

Step 4
Utilize extremely light lines to sketch out where the shadows will be. Then, using hatching, to add shadows, as in our illustration.

The lesson was quite simple as our Charybdis is a gigantic teething worm. In different artworks, the character is depicted in different ways. Therefore, we decided to draw an image that is a group of Charybdis as a huge sea monster. Also, in one of the lessons that follow, we will teach you how to draw the sea serpent, a creature that is featured in the myths of many countries around the globe. Make sure you subscribe to us on social networks and check out our site whenever you can so that you won’t be able to miss any of the lessons on drawing.

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