How to Draw Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is the perfect person to study drawing. It’s difficult to find a character with a simple drawing technique. This is the reason we developed this tutorial on how you can draw Charlie Brown.


Step 1

We will first sketch out the outline of our head as well as the torso that our characters will have. Charlie Brown is an excellent illustration of the cartoon style of drawing that has strange proportions. It is because you observe a large head and a tiny body, both of which are joined with a thin neck.




Step 2

We will now sketch the facial aspects of our characters. Similar to the other steps in this tutorial it’s an easy step. A little above the central part of the head we draw round eyes and nose that appear like dots. The famous style of Charlie Brown’s hair should be slightly higher than the eyes.




Step 3.

It’s becoming more like the easy lessons taught in the first grade of elementary school Isn’t it? In this lesson, we’ll create a smiley mouth that resembles one seamless line. We will also draw an elongated outline for the ears.




Step 4

Okay, we have an outline of the head and torso of our hilarious character. The next step is to draw his clothing. In this stage, we’ll sketch a small collar that appears to be two small rectangular shapes, which are joined by the shape of a triangle.




Step 5

Now is the time for drawing two short sleeves. It appears like two small rectangles. It is ideal to draw this step with no aid of any other object like a ruler.




Step 6

Do you believe that drawing hands isn’t an easy job? It is, in fact. In our instance, it’s like three round shapes that join the sleeves.




Step 7

You probably know that Charlie Brown prefers to wear loose, small shorts. Draw this.




Step 8

This is the next step in the tutorial for drawing Charlie Brown. In this stage, we will draw short legs with clearly drawn socks.




Step 9

The character we are depicting has the most simple shoe that you can imagine. To illustrate this, you have drawn the circular outline of the shoes as well as the laces which are tied by bows.




Step 10

In this stage, we’ll sketch the pattern on The sweater worn by Charlie Brown. It appears like an angular line that forms the W letter.




Step 11

We will always emphasize a specific step to help you review your sketch, spot any errors, and then correct them using the eraser. This is because it is time to work using the colors.




Step 12

We’re fans of the classic style of the characters, which is why we went with the typical colors as well as the standard shadow that looks like an unfinished black band beneath the head. It is common in comics from the beginning.




This is a tutorial on drawing Charlie Brown. This is among the most simple drawing lessons you can get. We’ve specially designed this guide to help you learn with the simplest illustrations. If you have noticed any errors in our guide and it wasn’t easy in drawing this tell us about it by leaving a comment. We’re looking for your feedback!

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