How to Draw Charizard -

How to Draw Charizard

How to Draw Charizard

Today, we’ll show you how to draw Charizard. This is the most powerful Pokemon. Charizard is also a very popular Pokemon. The toys in the shape of Charizard sell out quickly. We decided to make this lesson. If you follow this sequence, you can expect a great outcome.

How to draw Charizard

Step 1: Create the basic shapes

First, draw the basic contours for the head and torso. The head appears as a small circle at top of the face. The body appears to be an asymmetrical pair.

Step 2: Draw the eyes

Second, draw large eyes. Because of the unique angles, one eye may appear smaller and more flattened due to its small size. You will notice the large distance between them. Do not draw them too closely together.

Step 3: Draw the pokemon’s face

We continue our guide on drawing Charizard. The contours of your nose and mouth should be added. It appears to be an extended continuation of the face, with slightly curved edges as in the illustration below.

Step 4: Add the nostrils to your teeth

Draw the fang and nostrils. These are small structures. It’s actually just a few dots with very small lines.

Step 5: Draw the Charizard’s horns

Let’s now add the horns. These are two protrusions at the top of your head that have very smooth edges. They are slightly different in size and shape because of their angle.

Step 6: Add the neck

Two graceful, elongated lines connect the head and torso. You should have a neck that gently expands downwards.

Step 7: Draw the front paws

Add upper limbs. This Pokemon is clearly based on the classic. dinosaurs represent the prototypical dragons. This is why you can see both small and strong lower limbs.

Step 8 – Draw the claws and paws

Draw the clawed fingers and paws. This section of the upper arm is larger and wider than the shoulders or forearms.

Step 9 – Add the outline of the Pokemon’s legs

These are the strong lower limbs. Large, rounded shapes should be drawn that are located laterally relative to the torso. Match the proportions between the torso, lower limbs, and head.

Step 10 – Draw your claws

Include the outline of the claws and feet. You should depict powerful, large forms that provide support for the body. Different sides should have different angles for the claws.

Step 11 – Draw your tail

Draw the powerful, long tail. You can see that our Pokemon have strong and large portions of the lower torso. Keep a noticeable, but smooth, narrowing at the distal end.

Step 12 – Highlight your inner body

This detail is probably familiar to you if you have ever drawn cartoon dinosaurs or dragons. This is the lighter portion of the body. It is located ventrally, from the abdomen to just below the tip of your tail. Let’s draw it.

Step 13 – Draw the upper portions of the wings

Charizard is one of only two members of the Charmander family to have wings. This Pokemon is very good at flying. Let’s now draw the upper edges.

Step 14 – Fill in the details for the wings

Draw the inner edge of the wings. These lines should not be drawn upwards in order to create dense areas at the top of the wings.

Step 15 – Draw your bottom edges for the wings

Draw the wings. Finish drawing the wings. Lines that look like “M” are used to form the bottom edges.

Step 16 – Draw the flames from Charizard

You all know that every Charmander family Pokemon has a unique feature. This is the fire at your tail that increases in proportion to the Pokemon’s level of development. Let’s draw it.

Step 17 – Delete all extra lines

Make sure you review your drawing. Correct any errors you find. Using an eraser, you can remove any extra lines left from the previous steps.

Step 18 – Color the Pokemon

We all remember what Charizard looks like. To complete the drawing guide, use orange, beige, and blue to create really cool art.

You did an excellent job. We hope you found our drawing guide useful. We are also open to your comments and questions. We are also open to your suggestions and wishes regarding new guides. This will be a great help in our work.

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