Our site has diverse drawing lessons on Comic book characters. Alongside the famous characters, there are also less well-known ones, like Darwin or Strong Guy. The current series will be extended with a class on drawing Chamber of Marvel comics.

Step 1
Sketch first the face of our persona. Then then, draw the spine, which is where the pelvis and the chest are situated. By using simple lines, sketch out the legs and arms. The skeleton is. the”stickman” or “stickman” of our character. The reason we draw it is to simplify drawing our character.

Step 2
Let’s give some volume in the form of the character. Begin by drawing an eyeliner over the face. Then, sketch the neck and torso with basic geometric shapes. Then, sketch the legs and arms with geometric figures that are simple. Also, in order to know more about what it takes to draw the physique of a superhero go to the tutorial on how to draw Dr. Manhattan

.Step 3
Then, we’ll sketch the fundamental details on the drawing of our character. The first step is to sketch out the eyes and hair. Then, draw the outline of the flame emerging from the mouth. Then, draw the contours of the clothes as illustrated in the example. Beginning with this step we’ll employ dark and clear lines to sketch out our persona.

Step 4
The drawing process begins always starting from the highest point of our body. By using dark and clear lines, we draw the eyes and hair, as illustrated in our example. Furthermore, with the aid of tears in the lines and sparks, we draw sparks bursting out of the character’s mouth.

Step 6
Then let’s look at the specifics of the body of the Chamber. By using dark and clear lines, carefully sketch out an outline for the body of your coat. Don’t forget to draw the folds in the same way as we did in our illustration. Don’t forget to take out all guidelines that are unnecessary from the torso and arms of the character.

Step 7
We’ll now go to the base of our character’s physique. Utilizing dark and clear lines, sketch the legs, and remove all unnecessary guidelines from our initial steps. Let’s now make some folds as in our illustration.

Step 8
To allow our character to look more realistic, we should include some shadows. It is possible to create shadows as in this illustration, by using thick shading or creating shadows similar to the ones we learned in our previous lesson on Spider-Man which is, creating shadows that are black and in contrast.

We hope this lesson has helped you learn the art of drawing Chamber in Marvel Comics. Send us a note about the difficulties you faced during the drawing process. Be sure to join our social networks so you won’t miss out on new drawing classes.

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