Are you aware of Cerebus or the Aardvark? Up until recently, we were unsure of who it was. However, we have rectified this issue and read comics on him, discovered who he was and we’re ready to show our readers the art of drawing Cerebus The Aardvark.

Step 1
The lesson will start with a few simple steps that we’ll need to draw the head and the torso of Cerebus with the simplest of ovals. These ovals must be drawn using very thin and transparent lines.

Step 2
Continue to draw the main lines of Cerebus. We sketch the outline of the legs and arms. This should be done using very gentle lines.

Step 3
Let’s dive into the finer details right Now. According to tradition, we begin at the top of the head. The first step is to draw our ears onto the side of the head.

Step 4
Continue with the line of the face and slowly sketch the outline of the nose and mouth. Draw the nostrils and teeth like in our illustration. Eliminate all guidelines that are unnecessary from Cerebus’s head. Cerebus.

Step 5
With the help of a few slight curves, we draw out the lines that the vest will wear

.Step 6
Quite a difficult step. Following in the direction of the back we can precisely draw the outline of strong arms with round hands. Then, draw the massive legs, and eliminate any unnecessary guidance of Cerebus and the Aardvark.

Step 7
The simplest part of the lesson on drawing Cerebus the Aardvark where we’ll need to draw over the vest with solid black.

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