What is the world’s most well-known dog monster in legends and myths? We believe it’s Cerberus that first appeared in the early Greek myths. In the beginning, it was the product of Typhon as well as Echidna (Tartarus as well as Gaia) who were the three-headed dog who drank poisonous mix through their mouths. Cerberus was guarding the exit from the realm of the dead Hades and prevented the dead to return to the realm which is alive. The eerie creature later had to be defeated Hercules during one of his battles.

Step 1
The instruction for drawing Cerberus starts with drawing his Skeleton. It is necessary to draw a typical dog skeleton, however using three heads. Sketch out three heads, thorax, and pelvis with simple ovals. Next, draw the neck, spine as well as the legs, tail, and back using simple lines.

Step 2
With the aid of lines drawn with light, sketch the mouths and eyes of Cerberus. Sketch out three necks, in the shape of the cylinders. Connect the pelvis and chest to form your torso, our terrifying dog monster. Then, enlarge the tail and paws and then move to the next step of the lesson on drawing Cerberus.

Step 3
We can now add information to Cerberus. We must try our best and draw the details on the three heads of the unsettling dog. Draw the noses, eyes open mouths, the outlines of the heads, and then go to the next step in the drawing guide on drawing Cerberus.

Step 4
We are still working to refine the head of Cerberus. By removing any unnecessary guidelines of the skulls, we have to make sharp teeth and gums. Make sure to draw wrinkles onto the head as illustrated in the example.

Step 5
Moving towards the neck, drawing the neck with dark and clear lines. On the neck, we draw collars that have sharp spines. Connect three necks to the torso as illustrated in the drawing by one of our illustrators.

Step 6
In this stage, we draw the outline of the front paws using black and clear lines. Be aware that your legs must be strong.

Step 7
Now let’s repeat the procedure but use the side of our evil dog. By using dark and clear lines, we sketch out the legs, the torso, and the tail using sharp edges. Be sure to remove any unneeded lines from Cerberus’s drawing.

Step 8
If you’ve followed the exact steps as we did in our example and your drawing is identical to ours, then you’re ready to get started using shadows. Using smooth, dense hatching creates shadows by taking into consideration the angle of incident of light, as demonstrated in our illustration.

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