How to Draw Cerberus Tattoo Art

How to Draw Cerberus Tattoo Art

Step one:

Begin by drawing the guidelines to form the basis of the creature.

Step two:

Let’s begin the drawing by drawing the head. It might appear like a lot, but try breaking it down and by visualizing what needs to be drawn first. I generally begin with the snout first and gradually move towards his eyes, and finally the jaws.

Step three:

Then, draw the other ears for this dog’s head.

Step four:

Make sure that this creature’s head is finished with the eyeball.

Step five:

Then you can draw the jaw’s lower and teeth.

Step six:

Then, draw your upper teeth row.

Step seven:

Let’s move our attention towards the left side of our head. I usually work on the outside edges of the subjects I draw first, before moving on to draw to draw the surrounding elements. Draw the subjects in the foreground or other objects more in the middle, before you get into smaller details.

Step eight:

Draw the lower jaw of the left dog’s head.

Step nine:

Then then, draw his ears in as well as a small portion of his nape of his back.

Step ten:

Draw the paws to the left once you’ve completed drawing the dog’s head to the left.

Step eleven:

Then, draw the dog’s head to the left and follows the same procedure as drawing the two previous dogs’ heads, but all at once in this stage.

Step twelve:

Do a shade of depth to create perspective.

Step thirteen:

Then, let’s sketch the dominant paw which is the one that gets all the focus in this picture.

Step fourteen:

Draw the flames around the Cerberus.

Step fifteen:

When you’re happy with how your drawing looks, you’ll be able to create something similar to this. Make sure to ink it out, and then let me know what you created by posting it on DragoArt! Enjoy until the next time 🙂

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