How to draw Cerberus Step by Step -

How to draw Cerberus Step by Step

How to draw Cerberus Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1
The tutorial about drawing Cerberus starts by sketching his Skeleton. It is necessary to draw a standard dog skeleton but having three heads. Let’s draw the three heads, chest, and pelvis with simple ovals. Then, draw the spine, neck, legs, and tail with simple lines.

Step 2
Then, using the help of light lines, outline Cerberus the eyes and mouth of Cerberus. Then draw the three necks to form the shape of a cylindrical shape. Connect the pelvis and chest to form the body of our terrifying dog monster. Then, enlarge the tail and paws and proceed to the third stage of the tutorial on how to draw Cerberus.

Step 3
We can now add information to Cerberus. It is important to work hard and draw the details on the three heads of this unsettling dog. Draw the nose, eyes mouth, and contours of the face, and proceed to the next stage of the drawing tutorial to learn drawing Cerberus.

Step 4
We are still working on the specifics of the head of Cerberus. By removing any guides that are not needed out of the face, we will need to remove sharp teeth and gums. Make sure to create wrinkles on the top, as we did in our case.

Step 5
Then, move to the neck. draw them using clear as well as dark lines. On the neck, draw the collar, which is sharply spiked. Then, join all three necks to the torso as illustrated in the illustration drawn by one of our illustrators.

Step 6
In this stage, you sketch the shape of your forefoot by drawing straight and dark lines. Be aware that the leg on the right is extremely strong.

Step 7
Then let’s repeat the procedure, but using the appearance of our evil dog. This is done by using dark and clear lines that draw the legs, body, and tail using an angled point. Remove any guides that are not needed from your Cerberus drawing.

Step 8
If you’ve done everything like our example and your drawing looks like our sketch, then it’s time to play with shadows. A dense and smooth bloom creates shadows with consideration of the angle of incidence of the light. This is similar to what we did in our illustration.

Don’t forget to provide us with concepts for the next drawing lesson. Leave your suggestions in the comments on this page as well on social networks, and our artists will draw these drawing lessons in the most efficient time feasible.

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