This is the perfect time to present another drawing tutorial that is very easy to follow Isn’t it? We’re certain that this is the case. We have created an entirely new drawing tutorial on drawing celery. We decided to split the lesson into four steps in order to help you draw it more easily.

Step 1

We begin by drawing our outline on celery. It is evident that it has two parts. The upper one is huge and smooth. The bottom is elongated.


Step 2

We will now add details to both pieces. On the top of the round, we draw a variety of circular designs. On the horizontal side, we draw a series of long, uneven lines like in our example.


Step 3

In this process, we erase the extra lines from both areas of the drawing. Also, we trace the final contours for the upper portion to create the final product.


Step 4

It’s the moment to start working with shadows. It is possible to use sophisticated techniques for penumbra and paint intricate highlights. We decided to go with the standard hatching method. It is positioned very tight in the horizontal area of the stem. On the part that is rounded the hatching is quite delicate.


It’s not the most frequently-repeated guest in numerous drawing tutorials or textbooks. It is not often that you get a drawing tutorial that is glamorized (it even is funny). However, we believe that our readers ought to be able to draw anything and this lesson should be extremely useful. In addition, it can be beneficial for people who wish to master the genre of still life and draw more than just grapes and apples as well as such unique things for a still life such as celery.

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