How To Draw Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Begin this lesson beginning by sketching a circle that represents the head shape of Caterpillar Then, include the face guides. Make a line, which will be the wireframe of the body of Caterpillar.

Step 2
It is now time sketching the outline of the Caterpillar’s head. You can see that the face of the head is designed with curly lines towards the back, similar to that. Repeat this lining process to form the outline of the face. the form of the worm is reminiscent of the shape of the human body.

Step 3
I used a photo reference to make this pose. Hookah smoking caterpillar. This pose shows him with relaxed posture. The arms of his head, and his facial features became more rounded as if taking a breath of his smoke. Draw the outline of the head’s back Then draw the eyes, eyebrows mouth and nose holes. Then, draw the middle liner that will divide the abdominal cavity from the body.

Step 4
Like all caterpillars, he has arms and legs. It is believed that he was a caterpillar with six feet and six legs as well as six hands and arms. Draw all the arms behind him after which the feet and shins laid out on the floor to create a sense of calm. The shoes of his look Arabic so it is important to draw the toe in a straight line. Include some detail on the chin and forehead before moving on onto the next stage.

Step 5
What you must do to draw ventral lines which give texture to this insect’s surface. After that it’s time to erase all the basic shapes and principles that you created in the first step.

Step 6
In the final drawing stage, all you need be doing is draw his eyes, draw the hookah’s trunk inside his mouth. Next, draw the straw of the hookah or hose.

Step 7
After you’ve completed your drawing, it should be similar to what you have seen here. I’m hoping this is what you’re seeking within this Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland drawing lesson. You can color him in and you’re finished!

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