How To Draw Catdog

How To Draw Catdog

Step one:

Start with the forms and guidelines for the CatDog’s body.

Step two:

Begin by drawing a cat, and then sketch the outline of the head as well as the various parts of his neck.

Step  three:

You’ll draw his face and whiskers in the next.

Step four:

Draw your long line of back that binds the two animals.

Step five:

Complete drawing Dog’s face and then draw his hairy ears. Do not forget the hair tuft on his head.

Step six:

Draw the mouth of a dog by using his teeth and slobbering tongue.

Step seven:

Draw the body in the final stage by drawing the feet and belly.

Step eight:

Add the spots, then erase any mistakes and guides.

Step nine:

You’re finished. Color CatDog in and show off your art work.

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