How to Draw Cat In The Hat Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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The first step of drawing the Cat in a Hat tutorial We’ll begin with the iconic head and hat!

We will concentrate on the basic sketch of the two elements however, we’ll be sure to add additional information to them in the future.

The parts we will draw will be with a few curves and circles. You may also use the image as a reference in order to get an idea of the appear!

Once you’ve drawn your head, with the hat on We’re now ready for the second step!

Step 2: Draw his body during this step.

Then, we’ll move down to focus on the top of the body during this stage part of the Cat In The Hat drawing. We’ll first draw the bow that is large below the neck of the cat.

In order to secure his back, we’ll begin by extending a serrated line downwards from the left side of his tie.

This line will be cut as such to create an ruffled appearance. In the end, we’ll apply softer circles to cover his hands and chest as shown in the image referenced.

Step 3 – Now you’ll be able to wrap up the arms and then warm his legs.

In the third stage in the Cat in a Hat tutorial We’ll complete the arms of the cat and then begin to build the lower part of his body.

Drawing hand-drawn, or even hand-drawn can be difficult, so when drawing with your gloved hand Don’t be afraid to draw it slow and look at the reference image carefully!

Once the arm is finished and he’s fully healed, we’ll move on to the legs. The legs can be drawn using a mixture of finer circle and jagged lines similar to those we used to draw our back.

Step 4. Draw some details for his face and his feet

In this previous tutorial we talked about how we can include details in Your Cat In The Hat drawing in this tutorial, and now we’ll begin with that!

We will first draw eyes using small ovals , with dots inside the middle. Then, the nostrils will form a tiny black oval that is below his eyes.

You can also draw one small line to the mouth’s corner to cause him to smile. Then, you can finish his face by drawing lines around his face.

In the final step, you can draw another jagged line on the dog’s belly then apply the same lines to mark his feet. After having all of the elements done, there are just the last few details to be added as we move on to this next stage!

Step 5. Now, you’re able to complete the final details to the Cat In The Hat drawing

We’ll be adding some stunning colors to your drawing soon However, we’ll have more details to add to this part of drawing an illustration of a Cat in a Hat tutorial!

We’ll begin by wrapping up the famous hat that he’s wearing. This hat has stripes and you could add stripes on it right today. Then draw three lines that emerge from the sides of his face, to form the beard.

The only thing we have to do is add a curving tail that he wears on his back and that’s all the details! Before proceeding to the next step this is your opportunity to add any additional details that you think are appropriate.

You could draw your most loved Dr. Seuss characters next to his image to give you an idea!

Perhaps you can draw the background to create your favourite scene in the book. What are the steps to complete this drawing prior to the final step?

Step 6: Finish the Cat In The Hat drawing with a couple of colors

You’ve put in a lot of effort to complete the Cat In The Hat drawing and now you’re able to enjoy coloring after you’ve completed it!

It is said that the Cat In The Hat is known for its huge white and red hat that has a bows of red If you’re looking to go with its classic hue then use our image of reference as a reference.

If you decide to keep the classic colors of this image there are many ways that to incorporate more of your favorites colors into the image! If you’ve drawn extra characters or objects these elements can allow you to bring additional hue.

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