This guide will show you how to draw a cat’s eye. We are happy to help you if you think it is difficult. Follow the steps to get amazing results even if you are a beginner.


Step 1

Let’s now look at how to draw a cat’s eye. Let’s first outline the location of the eyes on a piece of paper. This can be done with two lines that cross each other. A horizontal line will indicate symmetry and a vertical line will indicate the top edges of the eyes.



Step 2

Important step. Before you begin this step, make sure to check the lines drawn in the previous step. After you have checked that everything is correct, draw two diagonally located arcs. As a guide, use the lines drawn in the previous step.


Step 3

Two rounded lines will be added to the end of the previous step. These lines will form eyes-like shapes. Pay special attention to the diagonal eye position.


Step 4

Let’s make the eyes of our cat more real. Draw a line in the eye’s outline. These lines should be parallel with the lines that run along the bottom of the eyes.


Step 5

Now it is time to take out the construction lines we used in the previous steps. Let’s draw the pupils. They look like elongated, narrow rhombuses. The pupils of cats don’t always look like this. The pupils of cats appear bigger and rounder in the dark.


Step 6

You can add shadows to the drawing to make it more complicated and complete. Use light shading to the edges of your eyes. As you can see, most of the hatching occurs in the area around the upper edges. Each pupil has a particularly intense and darker shading.


Step 7

Congratulations on the completion of this tutorial. Great job!


Coloring can make your art more vibrant. It was created by DFA artists. This tutorial was very easy, we hope. Please let us know if you have any difficulties.

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