We all are familiar with Casper the Friendly Ghost – an adorable ghost child living in a single house with his wicked uncles. So, let’s begin our lesson on drawing Casper.

Step 1
The first step is to draw the head’s outline in the shape of a figure resembling an electric light bulb.

Step 2
On either side, we make the arms out with round fingers.

Step 3
Then sketch the torso and tail of our ghostly friend. Once the outline is drawn and then we can draw the specifics.

Step 4
Draw eyes that are oval in the lower portion are a little closer than those in the upper. Draw circle pupils for Casper.

Step 5
Utilizing three straight lines Draw the eyebrows and nose. Draw the mouth by putting the tongue inside, then go to the next step.

Step 6
With the aid of small, “ghostly” strokes add shadows as your artists do in this image below.

If the tutorial on drawing Casper was actually easy Then our job was accomplished. If you’re faced with a problem send us a note about the issue. However, we believe that during the process of learning how to draw there aren’t any impossible tasks to complete and any issue will be resolved with persistence and consistent repetition.

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