Hello! Welcome to 3dvkarts. Do you like the world in Mortal Kombat, and want to draw some characters but you think our tutorials are too difficult for you? For you, we’ll demonstrate how to draw an animated Sub-Zero for those who are new to drawing. If you think this lesson is simple for you, then check out the detailed lesson on drawing Sub-Zero.

Step 1
In the complex lessons, we’ll start by drawing the head of the stickman. We begin by drawing the guide for the head in the shape of a circle or oval. Next, we draw the legs, arms, and spine. Use simple lines for sketching. Take note that our sub-zero pose is only one of the many. You can pick any other pose you wish.

Step 2
Then draw two lines across the face of Subzero – the line that runs through the Eyes and the lines of the symmetry of the face. The lines should cross at the center of the face.

Draw the neck in the shape of a cylindrical shape. Then draw the torso with the shoulders tapering downwards, as circles, and the legs, and arms as ovals that are elongated. After the process, draw the feet and hands.

Step 3
Here we start adding some details. The first step is to draw the mask. Begin by drawing an opening for the mask with the shape of a peanut. Then draw the eyes into the shapes of ovals. Above the eyes draw eyebrows. Draw the lower edge that is drawn on top of the head. When you have completed the process, correct the contour of the head and mask.

Step 4
In this stage, we complete the character’s head, Sub-Zero. Remove the guides. In the middle of the mask, draw an outline and draw short lines on the left and right sides. The contours should be drawn around the ears. Mark those lines on the forehead. If you’re a massive admirer of Mortal Kombat, remember that the eyes of the Sub Zero have no pupils.

Step 5
In this stage, we’ll work with the arms and torso of the Sub-Zero. Start by removing guidelines from the lower section of Sub-Zero. Draw the outer lines that run through the arm. Make sure that you draw your muscles. Draw the protections for the forearms, fingers, and fingers. They are like sausages.

Step 6
This is how we sketch the sub-zero’s torso. It’s a very easy step. All we have to do is draw the clothing it is derived from the Samurai. It is composed of two strips of cloth, which run through the shoulders before reuniting into one strip. In the area around the waistline, we make an extended belt.

Step 7
In the final part of the tutorial about the art of drawing cartoon Sub-Zero for beginners, you draw the upper half of Sub-Zero. In the final step, we erase the lines. Draw those lines on the leg. Then make the protectors for your shins. Make sure to fold the clothing.

This lesson was easy We are sure that you’ll be able to handle the task. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, then make sure to share this drawing lesson with your friends and join our social media channels.

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