How To Draw Cartoon Money – A Step by Step Guide

Money is an integral part of every day life. It is utilized to purchase a variety of items, from necessities such as food, to fun things such as video games.

Whatever it is employed for, it’s something that everyone should be spending at least once in a while and has been the focus of a variety of tales as well as visuals.

When you learn how to draw cash in cartoon form, you will be able to make all sorts of fascinating pictures!

This video tutorial is focused on giving an enjoyable and simple method to draw this essential resource. When you’ve grasped it, you’ll be able to draw various exciting scenarios!

So let’s get started with this step-by step tutorial on drawing cartoon money in only 6 easy and enjoyable steps.

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How to Draw Cartoon Money – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1:

For the first time in this cartoon money drawing, let’s make by drawing something that is easy. As you can see in following images from the guide, we’ll draw two bills in tandem with each other.

In the meantime, we’ll draw some waves for the top and sides on the bill’s first page. The drawing will be done in a manner to make the bill appear somewhat flag-like.

Begin by drawing an wavy line to mark the edge that will be the top of your bills. The bill will then have an angled tip on the top of the bill.

Then, it will form straight lines for the right-hand edge. after these lines are drawn, you can proceed to the second step!

Step 2:

The second step in this tutorial on drawing cartoon money, we’ll finish your outline for the initial bill you began drawing in the first step.

To begin , draw a straight line that runs towards the left-hand side of the top edge of the coin. Once you’ve completed this, you will see the same pointy tip like the opposite edge.

For this final step, create a wavy line on the bottom edge of the bill to complete the bill. After that, we can continue and include more details in the drawing!

Step 3:

The sketch is looking very good so to this point! In this stage, we will add the second bill to the left of the first which is basically replicating the steps you took earlier in this step.

The bill will be placed behind the bill that was first introduced, which is why we’ll only glimpse a few edges.

In addition you will see the same pointed edges and curly lines were drawn for the previous one. Once both outlines have been drawn, we can start creating finer details for the next steps of the tutorial.

Step 4:

In the fourth and final part of your money cartoon we will add the first of the inner details to the cash.

We’re making an idea of the meaning of money, instead of a actual currency, however it will remain an inverse of the regular dollar.

This implies that there is a boundary within the outlines and they will extend to the inside of the outline.

The idea is that these inner parts should appear as smaller variations of outline you’ve drawn previously.

After that now, we can begin adding the final details and finishing touches to the next stage part of our guide.

Step 5 :

In this case, you can begin drawing the specifics. Start in drawing the dollar mark across the center on the banknote.

The sign will look like this the following: It will be drawn as follows. The image reference will demonstrate how to draw this sign using the form of a bubble font.

We will then draw a design to either side of this dollar sign. These shapes will be round on the inside edges and squared on the edges to the sides.

The design will appear on both bills and you’re done with the concept!

Prior to moving on to the last step, you may include some additional information about your personal. There are many fun ideas and designs you can build around these.

You could, for instance, create a scene of robbery at a bank around them. However, this is only one entertaining idea. What other ideas can you come up with for this illustration?

Step 6 :

It’s time to complete this drawing by adding some colour! In our illustration we drew inspiration from the US dollar and drew it with a variety of shades of greens.

The borders around the outer edges are created in a lighter shade of green and a few lighter shades are used to create the inner parts.

These are some color options that you could choose to use in your own personal image It’s up to you to choose!

You can choose additional colors if you like or want, and these colors can be used to mimic actual currencies you may have heard of.

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