How To Draw Cartoon Eyes Step by Step -

How To Draw Cartoon Eyes Step by Step

How To Draw Cartoon Eyes Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

Start. The left side of the screen is the cartoon girl’s eye, and the other is an eye of a cartoon boy. What you’ll need to do first is fairly obvious, you’ll draw lines and shapes to the eyes that you can observe here. You may draw all the eyes or select from the list.

Step 2
In the second step, you’ll draw the eye shapes which you did not draw in the first step. Then, for the eyes of a cartoon girl, you will draw the eyelashes as well as some eyeballs. All you have to do for the cartoon boy’s eyes is to draw eyeballs.

Step 3
This is the final drawing stage and all you have to do is outline the eyebrows on the eyes of all cartoons and then colour the eyebrows and pupils. Once you’re done, you can begin erasing any rules you have in mind to create your stunning cleaning.

Step 4
Once you’re finished you’ll be left with an array of eyes, like the ones you will see here. Pick which one you’d like to use , and you’ve completed this course about “how to draw cartoon eyes step by step”. You could also master “how to draw cartoon eyes” it’s your choice.

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