This step-by-step drawing guide will show you how to draw cartoon eyes sketch. This is not an exact guide, but a list of basic principles for drawing cartoon-style eyes. This drawing lesson will show you how to draw cartoon eyes for many different cartoon characters. Our drawing tutorial consists of seven simple stages. We hope that you find it useful.


Step 1

Let’s get started with the guide to drawing cartoon eyes. Look at your drawing before you begin drawing. You might notice some unusual details. Our eyes are long and vertically extended in this case. We draw a horizontal line that runs the length of the sheet. Start with very light lines.



Step 2

It is important to draw the lower borders of your eye outlines before you begin drawing them. The lower edges are small and rounded cheeks in this case. These cheeks can be drawn using the horizontal line created in the previous step. It appears like two small mounds.

Step 3

Let’s now draw the outline of the eyes. These two ovals are asymmetrical and significantly widen upward. These ovals are positioned in relation to the vertical lines. You can see that the ovals are different in size and distance from the vertical line drawn at the beginning.

Step 4

Now comes the important, but also very responsible step. This is the drawing of cartoon pupils. Although the eyes may have different outer contours, the location of the pupils should be the same. This can greatly impact the direction of your gaze.

Step 5

Make sure to review the shapes and outlines you have drawn previously. This is very important. You can draw your eyelashes if you don’t make any mistakes. The eyelashes are three flowings, curving lines that taper towards their top.

Step 6

We should always pay attention to shadows in the penultimate stage. We are now drawing cartoon eyes so we will shade the pupils. For this, use dense, sweeping, single-layer hatching.


Step 7

This step will double-check that all shapes and outlines are correct. To make your cartoon eyes drawing more professional, you can erase any guide construction lines that were drawn previously. This is a fantastic job.


You have the option to leave your cartoon eyes drawn as is or to color them. You can also repeat the process of drawing cartoon eyes, but with a different shape. You can also use images or references from the Internet to create different cartoon characters.

This lesson on cartoon eyes has been completed. We hope that you had no problems using our guide. You can let us know if you receive an error or a strange result by writing to us in the comments. We will be happy to help you with this problem. We are also open to receiving feedback and opinions via our social media channels.

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