In this drawing course, the team from  3dvkarts will show you how to draw Carter Pewterschmidt the dad of Lois Griffin, an industrialist with wealth and status, as well as a minor character in Family Guy.

Step 1
The first step is to sketch the head’s oval as well as the shape of the body. On the head, draw two lines that intersect.

Step 2
Then with simple geometric shapes, sketch out the outline of legs and arms.

Step 3
Draw eyes that are round, eyelids, and pupils in the shape of dots. Draw a sharp, sharp nose and proceed to the next step.

Step 4
Above the eyes, draw shaggy eyebrows, and below the nose, draw a shaggy mustache or mouth.

Step 5
This is where we meticulously draw the contours that define the haircut. Then sketch the hairline, the ear, and the facial contours and chin.

Step 6
Let’s draw clothes from Carter Pewterschmidt. Draw many elements of the shirt as well as jackets and tie like in our illustration.

Step 7
Then, using straight lines, draw the outline for the coat. On the chest, draw an embroidered handkerchief as well as buttons.

Step 8
Move on to the legs and arms and draw them using straight lines. Draw the hands, then go to step nine.

Step 9
Draw out then the shoes as well as all the details and lines like in our illustration.

Another lesson was about the characters from American Dad. Take note that there are plenty of characters from this series on our website and you will discover a drawing lesson on the character of your favorite animated show. If you can’t locate what you were searching for, write us and we’ll make a lesson on the essential character.

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