In 3dvkarts, we sketched every main and nearly all of the lesser-known characters in Futurama. Futurama series. Today we’re continuing this series of tutorials on Futurama’s characters. Futurama and demonstrate the art of drawing Carol Miller, also called Mom.

Step 1
The first step is to draw half-closed eyes and the nose for our persona.

Step 2
Then, using thin lines, we draw eyelashes as well as eye dots. Then we draw wrinkles beneath the eyes.

Step 3
It is now time to rise and draw the forehead. Then, draw our mouths, and then we continue to move.

Step 4
An easy enough process in which we’ll have to draw an unusual hairstyle that resembles a heart.

Step 5
Draw the lower lip using the lipstick line as well as a small neck and ear, using the use of the wavy lines.

Step 6
A simple process that requires us to draw a neckline, and wrinkles by using two waves.

Step 7
With clear lines, meticulously trace your shoulders, character’s hands, and arms. fingers.

Step 8
Let’s work on the torso by drawing the outline with the aid of uneven lines and wavy lines.

Step 9
An easy step that we’ll require an additional hand with tiny fingers.

Step 10
We will continue drawing Carol Miller. In this section, we draw the pelvis and upper leg portion by drawing Wavy lines.

Step 11
And the final part of this lesson, we make long booties.

Do you have thought of this drawing class? Did it prove to be interesting and useful for you? If yes, please inform us. If you have any issues with the drawing process please let us know about it in the comments section of this article.

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