How to Draw Carnage

This drawing guide will show you how to draw Carnage. This is Marvel’s creepiest villain, as you probably know.


Step 1

First, draw the outline of the head and torso of Carnage. Carnage’s appearance is quite creepy, but his physique is similar to that of an average middle-aged man. We, therefore, outline Carnage’s head, chest, and torso in the same proportions that a normal man.

You will notice that the torso tilts slightly to our right.




Step 2

The posture of the limbs can be affected by their position. Carnage’s pose is quite dynamic in our drawing. As you can see in the sample, Carnage exhibits this dynamic pose by bending his arms and legs unevenly.




Step 3

We are now ready to add more details. This step will connect the chest and pelvis using two straight lines. This will result in a figure that slowly tapers down and forms the waist. We can already see some peculiar features in our stickman’s appearance. This is a long, extended lower jaw. Let’s look at this.




Step 4

Let’s keep working with the Carnage shape baselines. We will now draw the arms of this criminal using drawn cylinders. The hands look like asymmetrical, irregularly shaped polygons. Pay close attention to the proportion of the widths and forearms, large joints, and hands.




Step 5

Let’s do the same thing, but with the lower limbs. Do not make visible or excessively strong extensions. Pay attention to the smooth tapering at the distal end of each leg. Because of their unique angles and posture, feet have different shapes.




Step 6

We have a simple silhouette of our character, so we are able to accurately represent his pose. This allows us to work with details. We prefer to move from the top to the bottom, or from head to foot, as you probably know. In this step, we draw the outline of the often evil eyes. They look like two slits that have a large curvature. It is important not to paint too wide eyes. Pay attention to how far the eyes are from each other.




Step 7

The large, sharp shark teeth-toothed mouth forms the second lower portion of the face. It’s quite creepy, isn’t it? Let’s draw it.



Step 8

Let’s draw the final outline of the torso. We will draw the outline of the torso muscles and the lines connecting the chest and pelvis. We also have a guide on how to draw a male body. Please drop by to help you complete this task.



Step 9

Next, we’ll draw the final outline of our hands. Avoid making too many sharp bends or too large shapes. Stick to the layout right from the beginning.



Step 10

Carnage’s look is also characterized by his long fingers, which turn into sharp claws. Carnage can alter the contours of his body. However, he prefers this appearance. He is quite creepy.



Step 11

Let’s continue our guide on how you draw Carnage. This step will show you how to draw the final outline of your legs. Following the outline from the previous steps, draw the final outlines of your knee joints. Keep it simple and graceful.



Step 12

This step will draw the outline of our villain’s feet. From the previous steps, add the curves and curves necessary to your sketch. Remember to include the pointy claws.



Step 13

Yes, that terrifying Carnage costume. Spider-Man was unable to defeat this man. Let’s draw elements of a live costume looking like grapevines.



Step 14

This is a great opportunity to look at all of our work. This step is where we evaluate the individual areas and check the overall proportions. You can move on to the next step if you don’t find any problems. All errors can be corrected with light lines and an eraser.



Step 15

Carnage is a bright red color, as you probably know. His creepy costume has been featured in different comics. Let’s make our villain red. You can also add shadows to small areas if you wish. Bright white teeth and bright eyes are important.



We have now completed the guide to drawing Carnage. We love comics, and we hope you are as passionate about them as we are. We would love to hear about your drawings. We look forward to your feedback!

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