How to Draw Caricatures for Beginners

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How to Draw Dora Buji Step by Step

Step 1

Draw an irregular, vertical oval starting at the center of your paper with a wider base.

You can use reference lines to ensure the caricature is drawn in the middle.

The point at which the lines meet should be in the middle or the face of your caricature. These lines can be used as a guide.

Step 2: Outline the first section of the caricature

Draw one ear on each side. The illustration shows that the upper portion of the ears is more prominent than the lower.

Draw the ears evenly on both sides of your caricature’s head. This will make your drawing more balanced.

Step 3 – Next draw the neck of your caricature

Below the top of your caricature, draw two diagonal lines. This will create the head of your caricature.

The distance between diagonals will depend on the thickness of your neck. In general, an inch should suffice between the diagonals.

Step 4: Draw the shirt collar for the caricature

This is where you will make the shirt collar that your caricature wears. Draw an irregular V-shaped line starting at the neck. Both ends should go through the neck.

Draw two V-shaped lines along each side of the previous line. The collar is now complete.

To make the collar look as soft as real fabric, the lines should be slightly bent instead of straight.

Step 5 – Next Draw Caricature Hair

Draw the hairline and ends of your caricature. To add shine to your hair, don’t forget to make buns!

As you can see, the hair section in our illustration was very simple. We just added some hair and a contour to the hairline.

You have the option to draw your hair in a similar way as we did or create a completely different style. You are free to do what you like!

Step 6: Next, draw thick eyebrows.

The eyebrows should be drawn just below the forehead. Shade the eyebrows to match the shape.

Keep in mind that men have thicker eyebrows than women.

We created a male character by drawing a thick, curled, and defined eyebrow.

Step 7 – Next draw the nose for your caricature

For the nostrils or tips of the nose, create a curve in the upward direction with a bump at the center.

Next, draw two diagonal lines over the nostrils to complete the look.

Step 8 – Next Draw Caricature’s Lips

Two connecting curves should be drawn to form the upper lip. Connect the ends of each line to create the lower lip.

To create a separation between the upper and the lower lips, add a line to the contour of your lips.

We will add details to both ears in this step. Follow the contour of your ear to draw a curve at the top of each ear.

Draw two more curved lines in the inner part of your ear.

Step 9 – Draw the eyes of your caricature

Add eyes to complete the look of your caricature. For the lid of your eye, draw curved lines below each eyebrow.

Next, draw a circle below each curve to outline your iris. Next, draw a small circle over each eye.

For a dramatic “sparkling eyes” effect, shade your entire iris and leave the small circle uncluttered.

Keep in mind that caricatures are often exaggerated. You can emphasize facial features you wish to highlight.

After we’ve successfully drawn a caricature it’s now time to choose and color your drawing.

The illustration shows that we used a custom skin colour for our caricature’s skin tones.

Mixing white, brown, red and yellow colors will create a skin tone. You can use any color to create the skin tone you desire.

This color can be achieved best with watercolors and other coloring materials that are easy to mix.

Enjoy playing with colors, and you will see your caricature come to life.


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