How to Draw Carbide From Fortnite

How to Draw Carbide From Fortnite

Step 1:

The first thing I say in my tutorials is to work out the rules. It is important (if you’re drawing in a traditional way) to draw these lines with a light touch on the paper so they are erased later!

Step 2:

Now, let’s focus on the shape of the head that the face has. I began with the top of the mask, and then divided it up using the line that divides it at the center to draw out his ‘cheek’ as well as eyebrow form of the design.

Step 3:

Then with thin lines, we will detail the mask’s inner detail, just like the facials as well as the other details in the other sections.

Step 4:

Then, we sketch the detail for the neck, and finally the shoulders. Remember to alter the line weights as you progress throughout the sketch!

Step 5:

Begin working first on the left arm before shifting your focus to the detail inside that arm.

Step 6:

Finally sketch the right arm as well as the detail within it too. After that is drawn and sketched, draw the torso area.

Step 7:

This is it! You’re completed. Now, you can enjoy coloring your Fortnite skin.

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