Dear comic book lovers and artists. In this drawing lesson, we’ll demonstrate ways to draw Captain Marvel from Marvel. In reality, Captain Marvel is a name used by a variety of characters from within the Marvel universe. In addition, there’s an individual from the DC universe, and his name is Captain Marvel. As you may have could have guessed, we’ll sketch Carol Danvers.

Step 1
Then, draw the head shape of an oval. Then sketch a neck that runs through the spine. On the spine, sketch out the pelvis and chest. Pay attention to the fact that in women, the hips are larger than the men’s and shoulders are broader than men’s. Draw the legs and arms with the aid of lines that are typical.

Step 2
On the face, draw two lines that intersect directly in the middle of your face. Next, sketch out the neck as a shape of the shape of a circular shape. Next, draw the torso, which reduces the waist’s size and expands at the hips. Next, draw outlines of the hands and arms. Draw legs that expand in the hips while narrowing at the knees.

Step 3
Let’s get to the finer details. The first step is to sketch a hairstyle that is short. On the horizontal line, draw out the eyebrows and eyes. Then sketch out a tiny mouth and plump lips. Then with smooth lines, draw the details that you have drawn in the earlier step. Then, at the end of the process, outline the details of the garment as well as the brand’s logo.

Step 4
Let’s now begin to work on the final details. Draw the hair carefully on the character of Captain Marvel. Then, draw out the facial contours. Draw the eyes out using pupils’ eyes, eyebrows, nose, and lips. Make sure to draw the ears, and erase any unnecessary lines from the head.

Step 5
Let’s now look at the body and torso of Captain Marvel. Utilizing smooth and clear lines, trace the outline of the torso’s contours, not forgetting the contours of the body that are apparent from beneath the clothing. Then, draw the seams as well as the logo for the chest of the Star.

Step 6
Now let’s look at those arms that our protagonist wears. As in the previous step, using clean and dark lines, draw the arms’ contours and take into consideration the curves of the clothing. Draw fingers (in order to know more about this, refer to the tutorial on drawing hand drawings).

Step 7
Let’s take a step back and draw a belt that has a lot of folds. With the help of dark lines and curving lines and curved lines, sketch the outline of the legs. Draw some muscle lines on the legs. These are the outline of the knees and shoes. Make sure to sketch some folds.

Step 8
Finally, we reached the final step of the drawing lesson on how you can sketch Captain Marvel. In the final step of all lessons, we always include shadows and this lesson is not an exception. We use hatching to create shadows, but we often use another method of drawing shadows (as in the lessons on Spider-Man or Apocalypse).

So, the Captain Marvel drawing is done. If this lesson is intriguing for you, go to our other lessons from our “comics” area on our site. Be sure to sign up for us on social networks and post our tutorials on social media.

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